SWEKrona film crew interview with Rich Tella

Name: Rich Tella Position: Producer What makes you want to join the SWEkrona film project? Ever since I became interested in cryptocurrency back in 2013, in the days of the Altcoin there was much chatter in the forums about how banks and governments would eventually adopt the cryptocurrency technology  known as blockchain.  Now, six years …


The Bitcoin Forks

Vad handlar konflikterna i Bitcoin om? Vi förklarar vad en fork är, varför de sker, om skalningsfrågan, Segwit2x, Bitcoin Cash och hur bitcoin skiljer sig från andra kryptovalutor. Sergej Kotliar VD Bitrefill Grundare och VD för världens största bitcoin-e-handelstjänst Bitrefill vilka tar Bitcoin till kontantkortsmobiler i 150 länder. Tidigare grundare och CTO på Rabble. SUPPORT …

Government issued cryptocurrencies – Expertpanel 1

States are looking into how to digitize their national currencies. What are the problems and can they be addressed? Moderator(er) Robert Högberg   Master of Ceremonies Entrepreneur och affärsutvecklare som drivit på den svenska Bitcoin communityn sedan 2012. Robert var med och grundade Svenska Bitcoinföreningen och han har varit drivande i ett flertal projekt för att lyfta …

Sergej Kotliar Part 1

          Sergej Kotliar Stockholm Sweden Bitrefill CEO I sat down with Sergej Kotliar in Stockholm Sweden for a great interview on Bitrefill and Bitcoin in general. Time ran away with us and so i have split the interview in to two parts. Part 1 is primarily about Bitrefill, and part 2 […]

Henrik Hjelte

Henrik Hjelte ChromaWay CEO Stockholm Sweden On the 23rd of September i headed over to the World trade center in Stockholm to interview CEO of Colored Coins startup company ChromaWay Henrik Hjelte. DONATE TO BITJOIN DOCUMENTARY FUND DONATE TO BITJOIN DOCUMENTARY FUND Here are the questions i asked Henrik: Can you brief the average Joe audience on what Colored […]