About the Producer

About the Producer

Rich Tella has been documenting Cryptocurrency related startups both in Sweden and abroad since 2014, when he first interviewed Mathias Sundin at the Riksdag. Rich went on to shoot interviews with a number of Swedish entrepreneurs and published the interviews to his YouTube channel BitJoin.

Rich’s goal was to show real people working on real businesses ideas utilising blockchain technology that, back in 2014 was somewhat still relatively unknown. In doing so he aimed to lend some insight in to the space and address some of the questions that people were asking about the new technology, most notably at the time – Bitcoin. 

In early 2017 Rich published his first documentary short entitled – Founded Published on May 5, 2017. Utilising six of the interviews he had conducted in 2014, he conducted six more follow up interviews in 2016 with the same six founders to learn more about how the landscape had unfolded for the six Swedish entrepreneurs.

At Internetdagarna 2017 Rich interviewed world renowned blockchain expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos on the subjects of Money, Politics & Business.

You can view Rich’s production portfolio at richtella.com