The Joinery Social Bonds AirDrop

The Joinery Social Bonds AirDrop (SB) Upcoming in 15 days

Airdrop is scheduled for April 3rd

In partnership with 

Sign up for this AirDrop NOW to get 105 SB’s

Sign Up Here:

The Joinery™ is a token market to match the ideal community with blockchain based solutions. The local token is called SB (Social Bond) and is what we call a Power-Of-Engagement token, which means that it serves as a matchmaking token between the power of an engaged community and an inspiring crypto solution. In a way you could see The Joinery as an escrow of engagement.

The Joinery is brought to you by BitJoin – Exploring the social aspects of the blockchain promise. Your friendly source of useful insights into cryptocurrency & blockchain technology. Head to to learn more about BitJoin

The Joinery Social Bond token (SB) is hosted on Qwids!

Check your Social Bond balance at:

More info about this airdrop can be found at The Joinery website here:

All links to social media and airdrop on sidebar!

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