December Discount! Watch for just 5 cent per video on PopChest and support Bitjoin

For the whole of December 2017 we are offering our videos on PopChest for just 5 cent each.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 13.47.27

Why would you watch our videos on PopChest instead of for free on the Bitjoin YouTube channel? We hope its because you want to support us in the ongoing production process as we grow and continue making interviews and documentary films; all within the cryptocurrency ecosphere.

Watch Andreas Antonopoulos at Internetdagarna 2017, Sweden on PopChest now. 

Not all of our videos are available on PopChest just yet, but we will continue to transition our media accross to the PopChest platform. PopChest support producers and we want to support them in return, will you join us?

Head to PopChest to see our latest videos. 

Why not


Twitter: @bitjoin



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