Henrik Hjelte

Henrik Hjelte

ChromaWay CEO

Stockholm Sweden

On the 23rd of September i headed over to the World trade center in Stockholm to interview CEO of Colored Coins startup company ChromaWay Henrik Hjelte.



Here are the questions i asked Henrik:

  1. Can you brief the average Joe audience on what Colored Coins are.
  2. lets start at the beginning with the topic of marked bitcoins on the bitcoin talk forum, Is the oldest reference we have to the origin of the colored-coins idea?
  3. Comment on the worlds first colored-coins implementation. On the CTBC branch of bitcoin there is this commit
  4. Can you comment on the first colored coins software in existence, that was implemented in 2012
  5. whats your opinion on attempts at standardization?
  6. What interesting projects are you currently working on?
  7. What sort of customers are you seeing interested in your services?
  8. What’s the number one concerns you get from clients and potential clients? Their primary objections?
  9. Your statement on your website  – “We now see a growing interest from the market for concepts we have been thinking about for years, and we think the market will explode. This is just the beginning.” Could you elaborate on that growing interest.
  10. What other  interesting developments do you see being implemented by CC developers in the space?
  11. What do you see as some of the the coolest future use cases for Colored Coins?


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