Frank Schuil Part 1

Frank Schuil  Safello CEO Stockholm Sweden In part 1 of my interview with the cofounder and CEO of Safello i focused on the business. In parts 2 and 3 of the interview we focused on bitcoin, Coloredcoins and Frank’s experience working with the financial sector. DONATE TO BITJOIN DOCUMENTARY FUND The questions i asked to Frank Schuil […]

Sergej Kotliar Part 1

          Sergej Kotliar Stockholm Sweden Bitrefill CEO I sat down with Sergej Kotliar in Stockholm Sweden for a great interview on Bitrefill and Bitcoin in general. Time ran away with us and so i have split the interview in to two parts. Part 1 is primarily about Bitrefill, and part 2 […]

Henrik Hjelte

Henrik Hjelte ChromaWay CEO Stockholm Sweden On the 23rd of September i headed over to the World trade center in Stockholm to interview CEO of Colored Coins startup company ChromaWay Henrik Hjelte. DONATE TO BITJOIN DOCUMENTARY FUND DONATE TO BITJOIN DOCUMENTARY FUND Here are the questions i asked Henrik: Can you brief the average Joe audience on what Colored […]

Mats Henricson

          Mats Henricson Swedish bitcoin association Chairman Stockholm Sweden I sat down in Stockholm for an interview with Mats Henricson, the Chairman of the Swedish bitcoin association. We discussed everything from the blocksize increase debate, to bitcoin oracles and Sweden’s startup scene. DONATE TO BITJOIN DOCUMENTARY FUND DONATE TO BITJOIN DOCUMENTARY FUND

Robbie Andrews

    Robbie Andrews Founder at Jersey Channel Islands UK I sat down with Robbie Andrews, founder at, a Jersey based bitcoin advocacy group promoting the education and adoption of bitcoin and blockchain based tech in the island of Jersey in the United Kingdom. DONATE TO BITJOIN DOCUMENTARY FUND   Questions I asked: @ 0:53 […]

Martin Zachrison

Martin Zachrison CEO and Founder of Strawpay Stockholm, Sweden We sat down with Martin Zachrison, the CEO and Founder of Strawpay. A Blockchain company focused on providing more secure and faster micro transactions on the blockchain. Interview produced by Rich Tella for DONATE TO BITJOIN DOCUMENTARY FUND Questions i asked: @ 1:10 How did you come in to contact […]

Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof

Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof Founder and CEO of Bitnation Stockholm, Sweden Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof is Founder and CEO of Bitnation. As an entrepreneur working primarily in frontier environments, her goal is to leverage cutting edge technology and decentralised networks – to offer tools empowering a more borderless and voluntary type of governance. DONATE TO BITJOIN DOCUMENTARY FUND DONATE TO BITJOIN […]

Christian Ander

Christian Ander Founder & CEO of Goobit/BTCX Stockholm, Sweden An exclusive interview with Christian Ander the CEO of Goobit and BTCX about his experience starting up a Blockchian company in Sweden, and his views on the future of Bitcoin. DONATE TO BITJOIN DOCUMENTARY FUND DONATE TO BITJOIN DOCUMENTARY FUND The questions i asked: @3:17 What major obstacle have you […]

How To P.O.E

How to Register a Proof of Existence Document on the Bitcoin Blockchain  Rich Tella Bitjoin Founder Stockholm Sweden What’s a Proof of Existence Document? And how do i register one on the Blockchain? We used to show you just how easy and inexpensive it is. Follow this video tutorial and see how easy it is. […]