Daniel Cappiello Interview

I met up with Daniel Cappiello in Copenhagen Denmark for a chat about bitcoin, the future, BTM's and his startup copencoin.  DONATE TO BITJOIN DOCUMENTARY FUND Copencoin Links: http://copencoin.com https://twitter.com/copencoin http://facebook.com/copencoin https://www.reddit.com/user/copencoin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_plhNEY1cxo DONATE TO BITJOIN DOCUMENTARY FUND


BitJoin Store on Open Bazaar

Bitjoin has now opened our store on Open Bazzar, a decentralised marketplace for buying and selling goods and services using bitcoin. I have a number of longboards and skateboarding hardware, therefore i will be primarily listing such items in the near future, summer is approaching why not catch yourself a sweet ride.  What on earth …

Startup Slam

As i have been keeping a video diary since October 2014 when i began working with the startup Qwids, (originally called bitjoin) i have now spun these videos off into their own youtube channel called Startup Slam. Feel free to check them out if you enjoy watching a founder suffer confusion and anxiety over a prolonged …