A letter to the University of Nicosia Hey guys, i would like to tell you a little about the project i have been working on for the past 18 months. I was also on the MOOC back in 2014 and found it really insightful, i came to the course due to my own interest in …


Blockchain Domain

Need Domains? Have you got an interesting project making use of blockchain technology?  i am selling my domain names in  return for bitcoin, are you interested in getting hold of some pretty uniques .com domains? Take a look and make a bid if you find something you like. whosblockchain.com thelastblockchain.com thebritishblockchain.com theamericanblockchain.com metatokens.com earthsblockchain.com brokenblockchain.com britishblockchain.com …

Linus Dunkers (Audio)

      Linus Dunkers Dunkers IT AB Linus Dunkers run's SCRYPT mining operations here in Sweden, he is also founder of Dunkers IT AB and BTC Sweden I sat down with Linus for an informal chat about how he views the development in the digital currency space. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN DONATE TO BITJOIN DOCUMENTARY FUND