Sergej Kotliar Part 2








I sat down with Sergej Kotliar in Stockholm Sweden for a great interview on Bitrefill and Bitcoin in general. Time ran away with us and so i have split the interview in to two parts. Part 1 is primarily about Bitrefill, and part 2 is primarily about Sergej’s views on Bitcoin.


The questions i asked in part 2

  1. Which of bitcoins value propositions most interest you?
  2. Whats your view on private blockchains?
  3. Whats your view on coloured coins?
  4. What your view on the Bitcoin company 21?
  5. Which bitcoin companies are standing out for you?
  6. Do you think people in western nations are harder to convince when it comes to bitcoin adoption?
  7. Would you say Bitcoin is popular in Silicon Valley?
  8. Which differences stand out most between European approaches to bitcoin startups and the approach used in the states? 



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