How To P.O.E

How to Register a Proof of Existence Document on the Bitcoin Blockchain 

Rich Tella

Bitjoin Founder

Stockholm Sweden

What’s a Proof of Existence Document? And how do i register one on the Blockchain? We used to show you just how easy and inexpensive it is. Follow this video tutorial and see how easy it is.



Also check out this video created by the guys at


2 Replies to “How To P.O.E”

  1. btcdrak on reddit formulated a great proposal for how this might look practically.

    With a court case between you and I. You timestamp some art/photo that I use. You bring a copyright claim against me using your blockchain evidence. Get someone with a degree who understands this stuff to submit testimony as to why the timestamping thing is what it is and why it works based on their experience and training. It just needs to be accepted once by a court and you have your case law. It would then take an expert to somehow prove that timestamping in the blockchain was in fact unsound – which isnt gonna happen. Think of how DNA evidence entered the courts, it was exactly by this route.

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