Nicolas Dorier Part 3

Nicolas Dorier

NBitcoin Developer

Lyon, France 

Nicolas Dorier Author of Blockchain Programming in C# and Contributor for NBitcoin, The .NET Bitcoin Framework talks about his current projects and typical customers.

Website : http://blockchainprogramming.azureweb…
Book link :… Programming in CSharp.pdf the second part will release beginning of march posted here…



The questions i asked:

Part 3

  1. @0:17 Which industry do you think will be next to utilise the Blockchain?
  2. @2:03 What are the major blind spots right now?
  3. @3:38 On representing government issued fiat currency 1 for 1 using coloredcoins?
  4. @5:59 On recording proof of existence on the Blockchain?
  5. @7:05 A wallet that accepts all kinds of cryptocurrency?
  6. @8:28 What your opinion on crypto-anarchy in the bitcoin space?
  7. @11:56 What your perceived best and worst outcomes for Blockchain technology?



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